Полис страхования профессиональной ответственности



TrafficLine, the independent survey company, is performing survey services on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belorussia and Baltic countries.

    • Continuous cargo quantity and quality control while loading/transshipment/discharging;
    • Visual inspection during loading/discharging/warehousing/storage;
    • Tally inspection (including the issue of a tally list with all cargo damages mentioned);
    • Cargo quantity determination on vessels by Draft Survey method;
    • Cargo quantity determination on railway transport by weighing empty and loaded railcars;
    • Quality control of the cargo stored in the companies’ warehouses; shipping control according to purchase orders;
    • Full revision of the inventory holdings kept in the warehouses to check the factual cargo availability;
    • Pre-loading inspection of cargoes on industrial areas / in ports;
    • Sampling in strict according to valid standards;
    • Confirmation of the loaded/received cargo compliance with its in-line documentation;
    • Cargo packing and marking condition control;
    • Ensuring of the zero difference of the cargo quantity on each stage of its transportation (between shipment and destination points);
    • Detection of the reasons of possible shortages while transportation; shortages’ clarification according to rates of natural loss;
    • Confirmation of the cargo remains’ absence after discharging out of the transport and before weighing it empty;
    • Scales equipment inspection;
    • Vessels / railway transport readiness inspection before loading/discharging;
    • Daily reports;
    • Digital photos and video reports;
    • Certificates’ issuing (quantity; quality; transport suitability; detonation/radiation resistance);
    • Confirmation of the product’s presence against the bank guarantees;
    • Average adjuster service for all kinds of transport;
    • Any product’s chemical and physical analyses in accredited and certified laboratories (test reports’ and certificates’ issuing included);
    • Posting the information on the web-site of the inspection company with the provided access of the authorized parties to it.




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